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These downloads are tools you can use to take the first steps in developing a service culture in your organization.

Each will help you determine where you are now in relationship to engagement and assist you in making decisions about where you want to take your organization.

Front Line Downloads

  1. Gallups 12 Questions
  2. Service Curve Assessment Rationale
  3. Service Curve Survey
  4. Your Service Curve Index
  5. Interpretation Index 0-34
  6. Interpretation Index 35-59
  7. Interpretation Index 60-79

                                                             Welcome to Front Line Marketing

With over 20 years in traditional marketing and advertising, we came to believe that real growth comes from the engagement level of your customers.  A single transaction is just not profitable.

Clients must be emotionally involved in your success. To enable your company to differentiate itself and significantly grow your bottom line, customers must evolve into clients and from there, partners. Wouldn't you agree that clients are thought of differently than are customers? And aren't partners concerned about the welfare of each other?

At Front Line Marketing we become invested in your success through customized coaching and consultation that educates, trains and coaches behaviors that emotionally engage your employees. When we are emotionally engaged, we are aware of who we are and why we do what we do. People then have a vested interest beyond a paycheck. The by product for business is an increase in productivity and profitability. Your business is on the line. Let us work with you to maximize every transaction on that line. 

is Attitude

Skills can be taught. Everyone in the organization needs to have a service focused attitude. Training should be ongoing and contain a mix of both interpersonal and technical skills.  A recent Accenture study indicates that training dollars generate six times greater ROI than traditional advertising.

Sixty-eight percent of customers that take their business somewhere else did so because of a bad experience with one employee.

Eighty-two percent of customers doing business with your competitor say that they were satisfied' with their previous vendor.

Success is More Than Attitude

To really engage on an effective and consistent basis takes more than a great attitude. We each have unique talents. Talents that when recognized, nurtured and exercised, become our strengths. And it is our strengths that become our personal engagement protocol.

Unfortunately, most of us don't know our latent talents. We've never been expected to identify them, much less develop them into strengths. At best, we have a vague idea of what we like to do or what we do well, as we've stumbled across 'success' going through life and relationships.

With Front Line Marketing, you'll discover your unique talents, and be given the tools you need to develop your talents into strengths. It is with you and your team members unique strengths - together with a corresponding attitude - that success will come to you, in business and in life.