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Become a Video Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper you will earn extra money while  providing real time coaching tools to help our clients improve service to their clients.

We're looking for dependable, trustworthy people with car and insurance to shop our clients  stores.

You visit as a customer, make a purchase and send us the video transaction.

We provide training via DVD and phone contact, a store list for your area, camera, cash advance (for gas and food) and payment in 10 days on receipt of invoice. The times that you visit are at your convenience, within a 3 week time frame.

If you are interested we will require that you fill out a couple of forms;

  •  Independent Contractor: you will be hired as an independent contractor responsible for your own insurance, taxes and any benefits and subject to a 1099 at year end for tax purposes
  •  Shopper Information Form: Contact information
  •  Camera Acceptance Agreement: upon your acceptance as a shopper, you will be sent a camera and training video. Your acceptance on the camera agreement makes you responsible beyond normal wear and tear for the camera and for its return in good working order upon completion of your tenure as a shopper.
  •  Confidentiality Agreement: the nature of what we do and your anonimity in doing it is important and we ask that you not make your presence known to our clients, stores or competitors.

Next Steps: if you decide you would like to take the next step to becoming a Mystery Shopper, contact us and ask us to upload you the forms you will need to complete.

After being accepted, and upon receipt of your camera, you will be asked to send us three practice shops for evaluation and coaching before being assigned your shops.