Guest Satisfaction Videos

Improve your companies hospitality with real time video coaching tools. Our 'customers' mystery shop your stores and film the transaction. Then we provide the event for you to view and coach positive service behaviors. Our mystery shopping method takes the subjective grading out of usual mystery shopping because you and your team evaluate your service to standards you set.

Measurement - Intervention - Reward

By consistently using these three standards to evaluate your shops, you will establish a consistent set of behaviors on your front line. But more importantly, you will, if you choose to, establish an attitude of service that surpasses specific behaviors.

We help you develop service standards that serve as a benchmark for what to look for when evaluating your videos.

We provide your shops two ways;

  • DVD
  •  Internet (with unique user name and password)

Over time with repeated positive reinforcement, service habits are established. This tool can be used independently but for the best results we recommend using this tool in conjunction with a complete hospitality program, designed by us, for you and your team.

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