Welcome to Front Line Marketing

With over 20 years in traditional marketing and advertising, I came to believe that real growth comes from the engagement level of your customers. Satisfied is 'green fees'. And single transactions are not profitable.

Clients must be emotionally involved in your success to enable your company to differentiate itself and significantly grow your bottom line. At Front Line Marketing we become invested in your success through customized coaching and consultation that educates, trains and coaches behaviors that better engage your employees, increase your productivity and connect with your clients. Your business is on the line.

is Attitude

Skills can be taught. Everyone in the organization needs to have a service focused attitude. Training should be ongoing and contain a mix of both interpersonal and technical skills.  A recent Accenture study indicates that training dollars generate six times greater ROI than traditional advertising.

Sixty-eight percent of customers that take their business somewhere else did so because of a bad experience with one employee.

Eighty-two percent of customers doing business with your competitor say that they were satisfied' with their previous vendor.

Customers are looking for an emotional connection that will move them from satisfied' to advocate.