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Achievement Motivation

An abbreviated version of a bigger questionaire designed by Austrailian psychologist, J.J. Ray called the Ray-Lynn AO Scale.

Read through the questions and answer honestly how much they apply to you.

  1. Do you prioritize getting ahead more than having a comfortable life?
  2. In work, does the thought of performing about the same as others, bother you?
  3. If you feel like you are wasting time, does it make you feel restless and uneasy?
  4. Do you always try to be the best at what you do?
  5. Would you choose to work with a difficult but talented co-worker over a pleasant but less competent one?
  6. Are you ambitious?
  7. Does the thought of "taking life as it comes" make you uneasy?
  8. Do you plan ahead in your career?
  9. Would you strongly resent being called lazy?
  10. Do you feel at all 'driven'?

The more questions you answered 'yes' to, the greater your level of Achievement Motivation. More than having just a fertile imagination, achievement motivation actually changes brain activity. Being almost physically impelled to achieve is not an illusion. The more driven by ambition, the greater the level of neural brain activity.

The critical aspect of this drive is that it is intrinsically based, coming from self motivation, rather than extrinsic motivation, dependent on outside forces.