Company Testimonials


"Change is confusing and threatening for many people. Front Line Marketing helped us realize that change is good, constant and manageable." Time Warner Communications

"Thank you so much! I was really energized by your presentation. I enjoyed the program and hope to share the value of this vision with my co-workers." K. Carruthers State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio

"I am 100% sure that our focus on customer service is the reason the store practicing FLM reflects sales of 14% vs. the market's 3%. We achieved those increases after starting FLM." B. Osburn, QSR District Manager Taco Bell


"Many people think that this is just a job. But it's more than a job. We help make people's day a little easier. Front Line Marketing helped teach us that. They showed me what the benefits were for me personally. Then they taught me how to smile, I know that sounds silly, but it's true. And then they taught me how to make it a habit. What I've learned from Bruce is reflected in my promotion to a bigger store and in the sales growth that we continue to experience." LaToya, Taco Bell General Manager

"I want to thank you for taking a genuine interest in Suncoast Marketing. You have an uncanny way of asking questions and showing sincere curiosity and concern for our objectives. That is an area all of us as salespeople can and should improve on." Norm, VP Sales and Marketing Suncoast Marketing


"Bruce is excellent. Fun, energetic, educational. I have recommended him in the past ... still do." R. Eubanks, Suncoast Marketing

"We have been partnering with Front Line Marketing for one year as we change our culture to one of hospitality, Although not an easy task, we firmly believe that there is profit in exceeding customer expectations. And our faith and hard work is beginning to bear fruit. When comparing our company sales with all others (franchise and company stores) we lead in weekly sales growth over 58% of the time when measured over a four month period." B. Lucas, Owner QSR, Inc (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, Kentucky Fried Chicken

"Bruce has exhibited to me and others that his experience and expertice in the area of customer service will continue to to guide our customer service staff to an unparalleled perception in the marketplace." A. Havens Sales Manager, Printegra


"Servicing customers is a skill. It comes naturally to some of us but unfortunately not everyone. Front Line Marketing has multiple catagories and utilizes differnt teaching methods that touch on several different aspects of connecting with all kinds of people. FLM can help any company in any industry whether you deal customers face to face or over the phone." C. Campbell CEO Printegra/PathQuest

"I wanted to say, you are the best! I loved the class you teach and "I mean you teach". You have sooo much to offer us. I didn't realize how much I could still learn to be a better Manager. I thought I was good but you showed me I could only get better." M. Maccarron National Imprint Company

"Thanks Bruce! You did a great job with some thought provoking activities. Everyone enjoyed the one on 'attitude' and the constructive critiquing on handling in bound phone calls. FLM helped take our award winning CSR's to the next level." P. Wilson Sales Service Manager, Highland Computer Forms

"After the product is relentlessly researched, the advertising is on the air and the product is available, it is all up to the employees to 'close the deal'. Being able to connect with the customers is key for that to happen and Front Line Marketing teaches exactly how to do that." M. Weber, Burger King Corporation


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