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Coach The Coaches

Each coaching session is unique to your particular need, but all center on understanding and maximizing client touch points. Whether your team needs more expertice in their listening skills and conflict resolution or leadership development and change management, your sessions are developed against your unique business. Communication is both an art and a science and by applying both, we are better able to strengthen relationships, moving more internal and external customers from satisfied to loyal.

Some of the areas in which we have expertise include:

* Listening Skills
* Teambuilding
* Situational Leadership
* Embracing Change
* Service Assessments
* Psychometric Assessments
* Behavior Profiles
* First Impressions
* Problem Resolution (click on the Hot Button to get started)
* Sparking Passion and Building Rapport
* Decision Making
* Behavior Modification
* Hospitlity/Service/Sales
* Social Media
* Branding

Video Mystery Shopping is a service we offer clients to provide real time coaching tools to help create habits that maximize engagement. Learn more about this exciting tool! Visit the Customer Satisfaction Video page